Heat therapy packs to soothe and heal the body

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A Therme & Friends heat therapy pack is a natural, safe, inexpensive, chemical and drug free treatment for the relieving of pain and discomfort. 

A heat therapy pack is essentially a sealed 100% cotton drill fabric bag filled with wheat grains. Heating takes place in the microwave as per the instructions on each individual bag and is applied to the body to aid in relieving pain. The standard size heat therapy pack is approx 36cm x 14cm with one seam down the middle to even wheat distribution on application to the body. Heat therapy packs pictured are folded in half. 

Due to the weight of our product shipping rates vary depending on quantity ordered. Please view the product pages in detail to find the best value option for your order. We happily ship our heat therapy packs Australia wide. 

Good friends keep you warm!

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