When a coNcept becomes reality

How did we get here?

Melinda Hoyer

Melinda Hoyer

I've always wondered about telling my story. Should I? Shouldn't I? Yet here we are. But given the newly found direction for The Wellnest Macarthur it seems fitting to share. After all, the concept has been an evolution of sorts, one that I think has a bright future.

So while it's been a roller coaster path to get to where I am today, in business and life we need to acknowledge the path we've taken regardless of the highs and lows. It's everything about this path that shapes who we are, that gets us to where we want to be.

For me, it all started in 2009. Since then, by day I've worked in various marketing related roles but I've actually always dabbled in a business like project on the side. It was then when the online world and eCommerce caught my eye and I first threw myself into the world of wellness but more specifically into product design, manufacturing and marketing.

As time went on, I felt a need for more and wanted to educate others which I went on to do by way of blogging. Furthering my own knowledge was essential to this so I went on to study fitness which helped me become the fitness professional I am today. Throughout this time I also refined my product manufacturing to focus on heat therapy packs - you've got to love a heat pack to soothe those muscles post work out.

After a few years focused on my corporate career with on the side fitness and marketing projects limited, but not for long, I decided to take everything I had learnt about wellness and try to package it altogether to benefit the community. That's when the concept for the first Macarthur Healthy Living Expo was born.

It was soon after realising this concept in 2014 that the idea of bringing a boutique fitness studio to the Macarthur region came fresh to mind. This wasn't the first time. If fact I got close once before but decided to focus on other more personal goals. My newly reacquainted studio vision meant I'd be able to work with wellness inclined individuals on a daily basis. While I loved this idea, it wasn't until I really got into daily studio life, that I learnt just how truly rewarding it could be. 

In 2017, with all the good feels, daily client smiles, the excitement around it being a new year and my new plans to really fine tune my studio offering, little did I know that my body had other plans for me. After 18 months dealing with chronic back pain, my pain eventually materialised in a spinal disk tear - despite my best efforts, it seems I wasn't too good at looking after myself. Immediate lifestyle changes had to be made in order to look after my body which meant less activity and more mindfulness, and finding a balance that's just right for me, something I'm still working on today.

While daily I no longer get to make an impact on the lives of my clients like I once did, now I get to think larger, beyond myself, beyond my clients, beyond Macarthur. With that said you're probably wondering what The Wellnest Macarthur is all about? Well, we're focusing on community and collaboration and building wellness conscious local communities, all as an extension of that first Macarthur Healthy Living Expo. It seems I was on to something there. It's funny how things come full circle in the end.

Thanks for stopping by.

— Mel xx