Digital Marketing Promotion (Feature)


Digital Marketing Promotion (Feature)


With 2,000 Wellnest Macarthur subscribers ready to hear the latest from us, and our social media campaigns collectively reaching over 130,000 individuals, here's an option to be featured by us.

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Every quarter we'll deliver The Wellnest Macarthur eNews, an eNewsletter to our growing subscriber base. During the months in between, we're providing opportunities for wellness businesses to continue to connect with wellness inclined individuals through one of our limited monthly feature eBlasts.

Within the feature eBlasts, we feature only you as a Wellnest Macarthur Partner. No other ads, no other content, just an email campaign with your best interests at heart. 

For each month you run a feature eBlast with us, we'll also provide social media acknowledgements throughout that same month to help maximise your return on investment. 

Think of us, our eBlasts and social media reach as an extension of your marketing team. With the added advantage of being able to get your message and the greater wellness message in front of our audience, you'll directly be communicating with your target market.

Material Specs:

Upon receipt of your booking form we'll work with you to design a eBlast with our system capabilities to suit your needs. 


Upon receipt of your booking form we'll work with you to schedule your eBlast to be sent within the booking month you have indicated. Booking/material deadlines speificeid throughout the briefing stage are required to be adhered to.

All pre booking enquiries should be submitted by email to